Key People

Daniel Hoffmann

Daniel is our Operations Manager who handles daily business operations focusing on enrolments, inquiries, and facility management. His proactive approach and service delivery contribute to the overall success of our training programs.

Ebony Couper

Ebony is dedicated to ensuring our business runs smoothly and operates out of our Brisbane office.


Experience the benefits of Core Crew.


Tap into our global network for employment options and expert career guidance. Our industry experts stand ready to address your industry-specific queries and provide invaluable career advice. Leveraging our connections to local and international projects, we offer opportunities for professional growth and networking. Our partners at Core Crew offer:

  • Global Network
    Tap into our global network for employment solutions and career guidance.
  • Expert Guidance
    Industry experts available to answer your industry-specific questions.
  • Local and International Projects
    Access to a wide range of local and international projects.
  • Networking Opportunities
    Plenty of opportunities for career growth and connections.

The team are available to answer any questions you have and are happy discuss your career path, goals and general advice on the industry. Call Core Crew today! 1300 936 261


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To be a global leader in heavy industry training, transforming the workforce of today into the innovators and safety champions of tomorrow.



Supplying skilled workers to industry.


Our purpose is to set the standard in the heavy industry training sector by delivering effective training experiences, driving innovation, prioritizing safety, and fostering collaboration.

Through these efforts, we are committed to not only equipping both our team and students with the skills needed but also supplying the industry with skilled workers essential for its sustained growth and success.​


As part of the Xenco Group, we are industry experts, that recognise the critical skill gap within our field.

By understanding the interconnected nature of solving the issues of our industry, we aim to bridge this gap by equipping students with essential skills and real-world experience, preparing them for the demands of working. ​

Our commitment is clear; to provide the industry with skilled workers who can fulfill their talent needs and contribute to operational success. Through effective training experiences, we ensure our students are equipped with the skills necessary to tackle the challenges of tomorrow,​

More about Xenco

Practical skills and industry-specific training​.

We work with our students to ensure they are fully equipped to thrive in their workplaces. And as a bonus, most of our courses come with complimentary log hours, adding an extra layer of convenience to your learning journey.​

Powering Progress with Xenco​.

We’re proud to be a part of Xenco, a collective of businesses strategically aligned to offer comprehensive solutions for heavy industry needs. With decades of combined expertise, Xenco’s businesses have industry professionals dedicated to delivering practical solutions tailored to the unique demands of heavy industry operations.​