SkillStart Program


Drawing from our extensive experience in heavy industry, we’ve developed a ground breaking ‘new to industry’ program, aimed at addressing the industry’s pressing need for skilled workers.


SkillStart for individuals:


  • Fast-track your career
    Accelerate your journey to becoming a skilled industry professional.
  • Boost your adaptability
    Develop resilience and adapt quickly to the dynamic heavy industry environment.
  • Tailored learning paths
    Whether you’re new to the industry or have some experience, our program accommodates varying skill levels, allowing you to progress at your own pace.


SkillStart for business:


  • Reinvigorate your workforce
    Address the industry’s ageing workforce by welcoming new talent and boosting team vitality.
  • Invest in future leaders
    Support the growth and development of employees who demonstrate adaptability and resilience from diverse backgrounds.
  • Customisable training solutions
    Adapt our program to meet the specific needs of your business, ensuring effective training and skill development for your team.


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